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Thanks for following/liking/reblogging! The results for transparent contest are posted below:

  • First place (4 transparents): valkyrieheart
  • Second place (3 transparents): hetaliasnkandpokemon
  • Third place (2 transparents): towfuediskoe
  • Fourth place (1 transparent): takingoverthetardis
  • 3000th follower: dont-snk-my-ships



Hey beautifuls! I’ve had this blog for almost a year with almost 3000 followers, and I wanted to thank you guys for being so awesome with a little contest. Unfortunately, since I’m a poor university student, I can’t offer much…

But…I can offer to make transparents (with permission from the…

Remember to like/reblog this post for transparents! The giveaway ends at 11:59 PM PST on April 20, 2014!